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The average age of Sweden's population (2018-12-31) is 41.23 years. The average age in Vasaloppet 2019 is 42.2 (42.8 for the gents and 39.0 

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Quiz sweden facts

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Best of luck!! Sweden is one of the largest countries (in area) in Europe.

6 Dec 2017 A plethora of Nobel facts for your next game of trivia The prizes were created by Alfred Nobel, a Swedish businessman whose contributions to 

This test will show if you know some basics. Trivia Quiz How Much You Know About Sweden?

Quiz sweden facts


Ta vårt quiz! Du hittar det i våra  ▻News ▻School facts ▻About project ▻Video presentation Projectday in Sweden. Visit by police.

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One of the most famous pop groups to emerge from Sweden is ABBA, who won the Eurovision song contest in 1974. To find out how much you know about Sweden, simply take this quiz.

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The land area of Sweden is the 4th largest in Europe. The main official language of Sweden is Swedish (svenska), but the country also has 5 other official languages - Finnish, Yiddish, Sami, Meänkieli and Romani. Sweden shares a land border with it's Scandinavian counterparts Finland and Norway, and is connected to Denmark by a bridge.

In the first tab Settings you name the Quiz or Test Name. on general facts: access to the WOK database system is a great tool and saves a tremendous amount  av A Woube · 2014 · Citerat av 22 — structure, despite the fact that the interviewees make up a diverse group in questions, praise, and critical remarks have triggered me to strive to do my I view migration from Sweden to the Costa del Sol as a mobility under-. Come on Sweden, Netherlands gave you advice! TELL ME THAT ISNT TRUE #ped #georgia #school #class #facts #eurovision #esc #eurovision2018 #meme #memes. DanielaEurovision · The Bluffer's Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Quiz  In fact, the match between Everton and AIK was Kjell's debut for his new club.